James Scott Brown: Philanthropist, Changing Lives

Letter from Our Founder

Dear Friend,

Thank you for taking the time to visit our website to learn more about the James Scott Brown Foundation. I want to share with you the story of how our initiative began and how it has evolved over the years into what you see today.

The foundation was born out of a deep-rooted belief in the importance of love and leadership in the family unit, which comes in all shapes and sizes. Sadly, there are children who are born into homes of unspeakable abuse, addiction, and neglect, and those are the children the James Scott Brown Foundation seeks to save and protect.

As a child, I was the central target of a horrifically abusive home, and as an adult, I’ve had an unrelenting conviction to figure out a way to help children and teens in similar situations. I’ve worked with loosely organized NGOs and initiatives, offering my services for free, but unfortunately, they often dismantled before true traction could be realized.

In 2008, I was part of a small initiative in New York City that helped young people fresh out of juvenile detention and foster care programs. I provided educational materials to train them for jobs that could be achieved through certification programs in bookkeeping, HIPAA compliance, and even trained some teens on how to write business plans and private placement memorandums as an entryway into a career in the financial markets. Unfortunately, the adults I was working with slowly phased out their involvement, and eventually, the teens stopped coming.

Through this experience, I realized that the type of material and assistance I could provide was most potent for empowering organizations in the trenches and front lines of the fight to combat child exploitation and abuse. I could support NGOs and nonprofits with research and courses to train staff, media connectivity to expand messaging, direct congressional and parliament stakeholder connectivity for briefings and stakeholder education, and forums where these organizations could directly collaborate with each other, academia, governments, and agencies to accelerate programs and enunciate impact.

This realization led to the birth of the James Scott Brown Foundation, an NGO that supports other NGOs that are protecting children and combating child exploitation and abuse around the world. We provide organizations and initiatives with unbridled access to international government stakeholders, public relations, research distribution, and many other tools to help them achieve their mission. The architecture we apply to synergistic initiatives will 10X their impact and allow them to triple the distance, and accelerate results in a fraction of the time and budget.

When I launched my career as an advisor and author I dropped my father’s surname and was reborn as James Scott. Like many survivors, the sound of my own name would tear open old wounds and bring on a sense of panic, shame, guilt, and sadness whenever I heard it. But I chose to use my full name James Scott Brown for this foundation so that the name once tied to pain and sadness can now be tied to programs all over the world that liberate, love, and protect the most vulnerable people within our population.

The James Scott Brown Foundation is unique in many ways. First, as one of my personal philanthropy projects, this foundation is self-funded and we don’t ask for or accept donations, but we do promote the fundraising initiatives of the organizations we assist. Next, all of our services are completely free because we never want cost to be an inhibitor to getting help to a child in an abusive situation. If you’re an executive with an organization that offers assistance to abuse survivors or focuses on protection and assistance for abused and exploited children, please contact us. Our mission is to help as many organizations as possible and to introduce a new renaissance in accelerating the identification and protection of abused and exploited children globally.

Thank you for your interest in the James Scott Brown Foundation. Together, we can make a difference.


James Scott Brown